STX Duel EnduraForm Unstrung Head

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The STX Duel EnduraForm Lacrosse Head brings added durability and performance to STX's legendary face off head in more extreme temperatures helping you dominate the X all season long. STX developed the Duel EnduraForm head to out perform any face off head in extreme heat or cold with it's proprietary material blend. The Duel EnduraForm head is engineered to offer the same exact flex performance as the original with STX's advanced EnduraForm material for added durability and temperature resistance. Featuring revolutionary throat plug technology, the Duel EnduraForm allows players to get their hands closer to the ball while facing off for added control. STX also designed the Duel with a Scalloped Scoop to flatten out while going for ground balls making for easy possessions.

- Proprietary EnduraForm material blend increases toughness in extreme temperatures. 

- STX Throat Plug Technology brings player hands closer to the ball during face offs for a clear control advantage. 

- Engineered Flex Zones in the Duel add durability and help prevent warping during face offs.

- Patented Scalloped Scoop makes ground balls quick and effortless. 

- 3rd screw hole on Throat Plug allows for additional stability when used with the STX Duel SC Shaft.

- Meets NCAA and NFHS regulations.